Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Whats wrong with health care today?

Of course the reasons for why health care is so screwed up in this country are complex - I wouldn't pretend to know any simple solutions.

But one thing that strikes me as major is that we don't focus on "health care" - maintaining the well-being of our people. Instead, we focus on "sick care" - curing people who are already sick.

If you look at America today, you'll realize that while our ability to cure people is better than ever, the so-called "healthy" people are anything but. We are fat, we eat bad food, we smoke way to damn many cigarettes, etc. The former surgeon general said that if trends continue, our life expectance will start to go down soon. Ain't that an accomplishment?

If we really wanted to be healthier, we need not only advances in medicine, but also a change in lifestyle. Perhaps ten years from now we'll figure that out.


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